Pyramids City Plaza

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It connects the Golden Square with the Fifth Settlement and the New Administrative Capital and directly overlooks (the gate of the Administrative Capital) directly, and therefore it is characterized by the following:

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It overlooks from the front side the “Al-Fattah Al-Alim” mosque (landmark) for the entire capital. “R-4 & R-5” are in the middle of two vital areas in the Administrative Capital.

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Around you, the most important landmarks of the new capital are Egypt Mosque – Parliament – Governmental District – Financial District – City of Culture and Arts – Central Station – Al Masa Hotel.

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A direct view from all facades on the two most important axes in the capital (the northern and southern axis of Bin Zayed), directly on the Middle Ring.

Integrated entertainment

“Pyramids Developments ” has allocated to establish the largest entertainment city in the capital on an area of 155 acres, with units varying between (commercial – administrative – medical), as follows:

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    For the first time in Egypt, there is a multicultural interior design, for example, in the Pharaonic – Western – Islamic – Indian style…etc.

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    The entrance to the project will be the first hanging restaurant in Egypt with a height of 138 meters, in addition to a light museum for the first time to be established in Egypt, such as the Van Gogh Museum in France.

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    It includes the first “Agora Market” in the new capital and the first “Aquarium Tunnel” which is the first fish tunnel and the first “Jungle Area recreational forest” in the Middle East.

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    There are three museums in it for the first time in Egypt, the first of which is the Museum of Wax, the second is the Light Museum, similar to the distinguished museums of Amsterdam, and the third is the Museum of Illusions.

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    For the first time in Egypt and the Middle East, the first shopping experience in the way of the virtual world is the new “Meta Verse” technology, the first time in Egypt and shopping malls, a racing lane for cars and bikes.

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    The first “Karting” area in Egypt in Pyramids City Plaza.

The area of its units is varied

“Pyramids City Plaza” offers “Mixed Use” units for all activities and purposes in the following areas:

33 M

Minimum spaces The units are 33 square meters.

3000 M

Provides spaces for major companies starting from 200 square meters and up to 3000 square meters.

Pyramids payment

Pyramids Developments has unique payment systems, with the highest investment return as follows:

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